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* Hospitals are not listed on a report if they had fewer than 20 cases treated for that condition (CPT/HCPCS Code) within the 12 month period covered by the data.

The Average Charge is based on Hospital Charges and does not include the professional services provided by a physician, surgeon, radiologist, anesthesiologist, pathologist, advanced practice nurses or other independent practitioners.

The amount a facility bills for a patient's care is known as the charge. This is not the same as the actual cost or amount paid for the care. The amount collected by a health care facility for each service is almost always less than the amount billed. Negotiations between hospitals and payers generally begin with the charge amount. While each facility's charge structure may vary in important ways, charges represent a consistent, though imperfect, way to compare health care costs.

The actual charges will vary depending on your unique health situation, the specific providers that treat you, your insurance and any financial assistance you might receive for these services. The Pricing Data should be used as a starting point for an informed discussion between you, your doctors and your insurance company.

  • Average Charge - the average price for all cases for the selected group of cases
  • 20th Percentile means that 20 percent of the cases performed at this facility had a charge lower than this specific charge or 80 percent had a higher charge than this
  • 80th Percentile means that 80 percent of the cases performed at this facility had a charge lower than this specific charge or 20 percent had a higher charge than this.

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